Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Well, here we are again on the day of the year when it's okay to let your kids bounce off the ceiling from too much sugar and enhance tooth rot.

We are new to our street, and have no idea how many kids to expect. I count about 5 youngsters on the street, which is a loop off a busy road. We have enough candy for 42 kids...I KNOW (hope) we won't get that many.

K will be on door duty while I try to keep our dog with the rabid-sounding bark contained in the kitchen. I will be able to see the costumed small humans from afar through the front kitchen windows. It's so annoying that this barrage begins at 6 pm. Most people aren't even home from work yet! I think we will eat on the fly, perhaps nuke some frozen soup. Oh joy.

Then again, dear Ashiko and I could hole ourselves up in the garrett craft room, which has a locking pocket door that she can't bust through. That way I may be able to catch up on some knitting!

I did try to scoop poop on the front lawn so the kiddies won't have to wade through the mire, but it was hard to see all of it through the fallen leaves. I'm not allowed to rake because I'm still healing. If I was really holiday-minded I would have made a cutesy sign that says, "Use the path, or the boogeyman will get you!"

Alas, off to the grind...


Jenn said...

You know what's sad? We don't even give candy out in our neighborhood, there are that many kids that come around. There aren't that many on the street, but they come from everywhere. I've always meant to go around ahead of time and give candy directly to the kids I know, but I never get around to it. I know, I'm mean!

Amanda said...

ha ha...in past years, K and I have gone to hang out at Borders for a few hours to avoid the whole shabang of Halloween-ers! We thought about pretending we weren't home, but since we're brand new to the neighborhood, we figured that would be ultra curmudgeonly.

SJ said...

It was great meeting you last night! I hope you'll come back next month!