Friday, December 29, 2006

Benjamina Franklin

Well, there we were, amongst what I figure must be the throng of Pitt employees who were off this week, lollygagging at Barnes and Noble. 40 Guy was nowhere in sight, but he had a stand-in. A rather androgynous human appeared. We really couldn't figure out this one. It had blond Ben Franklin hair and donned genderless garb. A while later, through the thick layer of sweatshirt, I could detect some female-ness. I said, "Aha! It's XX, not XY!" Wow...

It was as though the heavens opened when 40 Guy finally did appear. He was doing weird things, like not reading, and swooning back in his chair, his 40-full belly protruding into the table edge. We think he may have been asleep. I'm not so sure. I'm wondering if it's all an act? What if it's the same 40 bottle he carries around with him, like Linus and the blankie?

We freaked when he stood up at the same time as us and lurked a minute. We were all prepared with our panic buttons in hand as we fled to our cars.

Even worse...what if 40 Guy IS a super hero and his special power is supersonic hearing??? We are so DOOMED...

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Now I can make something for ME!

I'm going to start this:
It's the Cast-Away Fringe Pullover from Teva Durham's Loop-d-Loop book, in Quarry (boucle) from Knit Picks. My goal is for the fringe to look like dreadlocks.

Finished the shrug at 9:30am xmas day!!! Pic isn't great, but I was NOT presentable at that time of day...

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Under the wire

Happy Festivus, Everyone!
Well, it looks like I might just make it in time for the endless cream shrug to be delivered tomorrow morning to my MIL! Just a couple more rows, binding off and weaving ends in!

When stitching the seams Friday night, I looked around at my surroundings in the bedroom and thought, "Why is it that when the husband is left in charge of the laundry, it looks like a bomb went off???"

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Manly mitts!

I modified Knitty's "Fetching" pattern. After making some of these girly fingerless gloves, I had to man-ify them.
The result is, no cables and a worsted weight. If anyone wants details, I can provide that. Yarn was Cascade Quattro.