Friday, June 26, 2009

Scrappy Doo

When the crawling began, along with the warm weather, I thought some baby knee pads were in order. Used up some Cascade Quattro stash scraps. I know I wrote down what I did, but can't find the email to myself. Not much required in the way of a pattern. Made a tube with ribbing at each end, then folding the ends in for double thickness and stitched the ends together.

I don't know what has happened to my hands, wrists and elbows lately, but my right hand is killing me, my left elbow aches and this morning while knitting, my left fingers went numb! Augh! Stop the insanity! I think my evening knitting posture may have something to do with it.

S's Runaround Raglan Cardigan (ravelry) is pretty much done, just need to weave in ends, block and sew on buttons. I've cast on for K's Runaround Raglan Pullover (both in Cascade 220), and cast on for Shawl That Jazz (ravelry) in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Twisted. The Pinwheel Sweater (ravelry) needs one more sleeve, but I need a break from doing a sleeve on dpn's. Also, my row gauge was a bit off so the sweater doesn't encompass me as much as I would like. It will be a shruggish sweater rather than a warming jacket kind of thing.