Thursday, March 27, 2008

No More Feng Shui

Well, bottom line is...Babies = Clutter. This room WAS the most serene in the house until we started gathering gear and stuff. The first shower was yesterday at work.
Babies also = strangeness. Form out of function? Perhaps. Hence, the diaper cake, which is falling apart a bit, and the stork baskets. They had plants in them, which are gardenias. I'm going to have to recycle the plants to someone soon because gardenias are one of THE biggest headache triggers for me. The storks are actually things we get from one of the specialty pharmacies. Will recycle the baskets back to work for the next shower.

And lastly, babies = organizing. Already with one shower and a couple drawers of used clothes, there's A LOT. Can't really do much until the family shower. Then I'll send my mom on some return/exchange missions.

I'm gimped out today because I pulled some ligament in my left hip. Am using a cane, and also borrowed crutches from my MIL. As a result of said injury, slept worse than ever. Am going for another nap. The baby sweater knitting can wait.