Monday, September 03, 2007

Wow...has it really been that long?

I've either been busy or lazy. Maybe a little of both. Ok, so I'll post 1 day shy of 2 months since my last rambling. Zoinks. It's going to be LONG.

First, you have NO idea how glad I am that September is here! I'm counting the days till the autumnal equinox! Sweatshirt and jeans weather. Hoo Ahh!

So what exactly HAVE I been doing? Not really that much knitting. Lots of yoga, though. I LOVE Steve Ross's "Inhale" on the Oxygen channel, Mon-Fri, 6am-7am. I tape a week's worth and I'm good to go. So usually I get up around 5:15, do yoga for an hour and get on with the rest of my morning ritual. Yoga gives me a totally positive feeling, a sense of invincibility and euphoria. It's very much like the feeling you get when you kiss someone for the first time.

Uh...I DID finish that baby sleeper thingy, in time for the shower! K watched as it ended and said, "That looks like it could fit you!" He was almost right. The neck opening was huge due to the fact that I decided not to do the hood, so I had to do a couple rounds of single crochet to cinch it in. The recipient would never have known the difference. Definitely not some of my best work, it shows that my heart wasn't really in it. Also, the grafting of the shoulder seams didn't work right.

I have several other projects currently in the works. The main one is Annie Modesitt's "Corded Yoke Pullover" from Interweave Winter 2006. Several people have told me they can't see me wearing such a thing. Little do they know. Heh heh. I've hit a standstill on the sleeves. The flaw in the pattern is that they don't say to use dpn's to knit the sleeves in a tube. Well, sorry, but there's no way 45 (or however many) stitches are going to be doable on a 24 inch circular, or even a 16 inch for that matter. Indeed. The troubling part though, is doing increases in 2 x 2 rib. Looks kind of shoddy. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong. Will bring it to B&N Waterworks on knit night for some advisement.

So this weekend the master plan was to paint the living room fireplace wall a dark cranberry red. Mission accomplished. Have decided to leave the other walls ivory. Here is a before pic.

Stay tuned for the after pics. By the way, those yellow and green wing chairs were free...from a family friend. Have had them for 7 years. I'm sure they are circa 1964 or so. Aren't they purty? They're very comfy and are usually wearing slipcovers which are being washed. I have yet to put the drapes back up. Definitely not one of my favorite activities. Almost all of the pottery on the mantel was made by yours truly, by the way. Walked in the woods at Hartwood Acres 90 minutes Sat, 60 minutes Sun and 60 minutes today. Sheer bliss. The weeks of yoga are turning my legs into steel. I would have never been able to charge up the hills like that a year ago. I may soon be able to join my friend N on one of her Wonder Hikes!

This afternoon I continued unravelling some Takhi Donegal Tweed. I had accidentally made a gigantic sweater a couple years ago, and I need to recycle the wool into something wearable. Perhaps I'll join Jenn and SJ in the Central Park Hoodie escapade.

The last knit night was fun. We were really boisterous! The girls gave me a hard time when I said I was non-traditional and artsy. They said, “No! Really! We would never have guessed that!” They were stunned when I said we’ve lived in the house for a year and still don’t have curtains in the bedroom…well, we do have those roller blinds, but I’ve had higher priorities to take care of both financially and in terms of time. Originally I thought I’d sew curtains, but considering there are 5 windows and by the time I pay for fabric and spend the time, I’m better off buying. Target has exactly what we need for way less than what it would cost to make, and they match (in color, anyway) the comforter, a faded cobalt blue. The girls can rest assured that I HAVE purchased the curtains, but they're not yet installed. I procrastinate heavily when drilling is involved. Not because I can't, but because it requires careful measuring and makes a mess. I’m thinking a pale chartreuse will look great with the blue curtains and dark woodwork. My mom recommends I do some research on colors that are conducive to sleep.

On that note, it's almost time to hit the hay.

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SJ said...

The baby sleeper looks adorable -- I can't see any issues with the shoulder seams from here, and I can guarantee you the baby won't, either!

See you on Wednesday!