Saturday, September 29, 2007


On Wednesday night, Renata and I went to the studio of Joanne Baxter (in Wexford) for the Fiberarts Guild of Pgh studio/critique night. It was so inspiring! Joanne makes art dolls. She showed examples of her own designs as well as various things she has made at workshops. I particularly liked the industrial necklaces. I came home totally inspired, full of ideas to apply a few techniques to some ideas I have brewing; not for dolls, but other art. But I was also depressed because I had to work on Thurs and Fri and couldn't jump right into my ideas. I did make lists while at work to file in a binder. Yes, my mind is much more organized than my house! I'm determined to organize my studio/craft room so all supplies are readily at hand and I can walk in, sit down and start making instead of wasting time hunting for my stuff. I managed to do some organizing last night, and it's coming together nicely. I've moved all the yarn out of the chiffarobe down the hall to the cedar closet (where it belongs), and filled this open space with paints, beads, paper, etc.

Annie Lawrence was there on Weds as well. She's teaching a felting workshop this weekend at Touchstone Center for Crafts near Uniontown. She has spent her summer at workshops all over the country, and brought some of her pieces along with a really gorgeous purse done by her hungarian teacher (I can't remember the name!). I saw that the Society for Contemporary Craft has some felting classes in November. I just might have to investigate!

Today Renata and I are galavanting around Pittsburgh. She moved here from Brazil 3 months ago, and hasn't learned where all the good stuff is yet. We're going thrifting, hitting Utrecht and checking out the Society for Contemporary Craft. The weather's going to be GORGEOUS! I want to find more wool sweaters to felt for my recycling idea.

Then K and I will be going out for dinner to Gypsy Cafe to celebrate our 7th anniversary! Yay for us! Then we'll hang out with our pals at the drum circle in the grotto at Flagstaff Hill.


SJ said...

Happy anniversary!

ren said...

oh boy, i love how google translated the words on my blog, hahahahhah... thanks for the link, amanda :-)