Sunday, January 28, 2007

1800 Stitches a Day

Like 1800 calories a day...I too am on a yarn diet.
Here are the Koigu socks that have been frogged from a previous baggy stockinette endeavor and are now snugger with baby cables. Fortunately there's no pooling.

Next up is the Tahki Donegal Tweed sweater that I worked on for a few years before my re-born obsession with knitting. Much to my dismay I had made a plus size by mistake. DUH! This needs to be frogged and reknit into something more fitting. Ha!

Now on to the stash. This is a very strange assortment of stuff that might very well be relegated to gifts for my nieces. I am NOT reponsible for the pink Sizzle in the lower right front. That was in my goodie bag at the Knitting Festival a few years back. In the back left is some weird Lion Brand Suede, a chenille, that knits up irregularly. I was going to make a scarf for my mom since she vetoes all the wool scarves I've done for her claiming everything is too scratchy. Her complaint WAS warranted on something I made in Reynolds Lite Lopi. That one's a big OUCH. It felts GREAT for the Felted Clogs though!

Clockwise from top left: KnitPicks Quarry in (Stream?) for the Teva Durham Fringed Pullover from Loop-D-Loop; some Cascade Quattro, Shepherd Colour 4 Me, Dalegarn Falk leftovers from niece projects, Dalegarn Baby Ull, Harrisville Flax and Wool.

The sock section, clockwise from left: Trekking leftovers, Sockotta (need to make mate), Lion Brand Magic Stripes, 4 Koigu (don't have colorway info handy), and 4 Knitpicks Sock Memories. The last sock memories here looks like it might make some interesting Jaywalkers!

And last but not lusciously colorful least is the Mission Falls assortment for "Fair Isle Jazz" from Pam Allen's Scarf Style.

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