Friday, January 05, 2007

Bond...James Bond

The year is 2...007!

Well, I felt I needed to add to the knitting from stash concept being bandied about. K stole the camera today for work, so I can't take pics yet but here goes:

Projects I have the yarn for:

From Teva Durham's "Loop-D-Loop": Cast Away Fringe Pullover in Knit Picks Quarry, a boucle. Hopefully fringe will turn out like cool dreadlocks.

From Pam Allen's "Scarf Style":
1) Fair Isle Jazz in Mission Falls 1824 wool. I have most of the exact colors called for in the pattern. Tweaked a couple in the fair isle scarf ends, but at least I have the raspberry for the main section!
2) Ene's Scarf in Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud. This will be my first lace endeavor. Think I might practice first making some little heart bookmarks for Valentine's Day.

Now that I have the "Knitting Sensational Socks" book, it sheds a whole new light on sock knitting, particularly the fit. I have an unraveled pair in Koigu that I shall reknit into something sensational that won't fall down. Also have another pair in (I forget the yarn) to unravel and reknit. Only got one of these done to begin with. Was very bored with them.

Still have to finish unravelling a sweater made out of Takhi Donegal Tweed, wet it, hang it...this was a sweater mishap that turned out way too big. Over $100 in yarn is too valuable to have sitting there in a useless state. I'm not in love with the color anymore, but I think the right pattern, i.e., if it's interesting and funky enough could revive the color. Recently found a nice cabled hoodie pattern in Vogue knitting that actually CALLS for this yarn! I'll probably have enough, since the original sweater knit was erroneously a plus size. Yikes. The unravelling process is arduous as I have to unweave all the woven-in ends! This really cuts into my KNITTING time! Would be a good project to work on during a camping/cabin week.

Also have odds and ends of Reynolds Lite Lopi that are good for adult hats, some Dalegarn Falk suitable for kids hats, and some Dalegarn Baby Ull that might constitute a pair of mittens.

Last but not least there's some Harrisville Flax Wool...not sure what that will be, and some Cascade Quattro that felts beautifully. Might make some bags.

I'm collecting wool sweaters from thrift stores to felt, cut and make into a throw. Need to find some more inspiring colors. There's a great pattern for turning these into tote bags in "AlterKnits."

Needless to say, my stash is not very organized, but my new old house has a cedar closet that is ONLY for the storage of yarn! How serendipitous is that?

In review, I have no business buying any new yarn for a while...but I got gift cards and money for such for xmas AND b-day is coming up soon! What I really should get is a swift and ball winder, which cost MORE than yarn. :-)

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