Saturday, February 10, 2007

Safari...on our street!

This is the CUTEST thing ever!

Our street is a small circle, with about 15 houses which are all different. It's not one of those BUP's (Big Ugly Plans). There's a yellow lab that gets walked, usually on a leash, and occasionally I'll see it's cat sibling trailing behind.

Well LAST evening, the dog was off-leash marching ahead of Master, and the TWO cat siblings were trailing behind Master. You should have seen their little legs go! They looked like they were on wheels. One cat is white with black ears, a black and white striped tail and a spot on its back, so it's a little reminiscent of Snoopy. The other is a gorgeous orange tabby.

They do several laps around the circle and I giggle every time they go by. It's nice entertainment while I'm making dinner.

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